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We are delighted to announce our first Aurora Ambassador – Kirsty Dillon.

Who is Kirsty Dillon?

Kirsty Dillon has been a professional actress and voice-over for 20 years. Her work has seen her collaborate on projects such as ‘Blackout’ for CH4, ‘Locke’ with Tom Hardy, ‘Man Like Mobeen’ on BBC3 Comedy but Kirsty is probably best known for her regular role of DC Gail Stephens in ITV’s Midsomer Murders.

Do you want to see Kirsty’s full history?

If you would like to see Kirsty’s full filmography, click here.

Key Facts about Kirsty Dillon

Place of birth: Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Date of birth: 1976
University Education: Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art

Kirsty’s Showreel

Kirsty and Aurora New Dawn

Kirsty Dillon is a Portsmouth born and bred actress and a sessional advocate and volunteer on the Aurora DVA car™ service. As a survivor herself, she started her journey working with us when we were in our infancy. Kirsty can always be relied upon to be at our fundraisers, thus far she has sung sober karaoke, walked on fire, run into the freezing cold sea and done an active warrior all to raise funds and awareness for victims and survivors of domestic abuse, sexual violence, and stalking.

“I am a passionate advocate for the work Aurora New Dawn does. Not only can I feel the support and professionalism with which they offer this client-led service on the ground, but I am also struck by the respect they across the sector and with frontline agencies. They are team players.

“On a personal note working with Aurora feels inspiring to be part of a large and diverse team. They have furthered my skills and understanding of the complexity of violence against women through practical training and given me a course of reflection that has now become one of the most important aspects of my life. An integral aspect of my own healing has been my engagement with this awesome tribe. BIG UP #TeamAurora.”

Kirsty on International Violence against Women

Kirsty’s Campaign Work

Additionally, Kirsty shows her passion for wanting to make a difference to women and girls through her play, “Groomed to Perfection”.

“This is a site-specific play that I am devising this year with the intention of bringing both parts (Aurora and Acting) of my life together. It is a story of a small group of women in History who experienced sexual violence, grooming, coercion, radicalisation at the hands of one perpetrator. Three of these girls successfully took their own lives and more attempted. I am working in partnership with Aurora New Dawn and the National charity ‘The Girls Network‘ and has been funded by The UK Arts Council and The National Lottery to devise the pilot show in the autumn of 2019. I will be running workshops around performances for survivors and clients of both charities. I cannot thank Aurora New Dawn enough for their guidance, support and their consultancy.”

Find out more about Groomed to Perfection:

Insta: @groomedtoperfection

Twitter: @GroomedP

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