Aurora New Dawn

is a registered charity giving safety, support, advocacy, and empowerment to survivors of domestic abuse, sexual violence and stalking.

Our office number is 02392 479254 opening hours are from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Sexual violence

Our Advocates (ISVAs) work with male and female survivors aged over 18 years to provide tailored support when it's most needed, including through the criminal justice system.


Stalking is a crime. Our dedicated Stalking Advocacy service is delivered in partnership with the Hampshire and IOW Stalking Consultancy clinic, a multi agency partnership working to keep victims safe.

Domestic violence & abuse

Our Advocates (IDVAs) provide support to male and female victims of abuse to reduce risk and increase the safety of survivors and children. Our IRIS service improves prevention and intervention within health services.

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Express FM interviews Aurora New Dawn

Zoe representing Aurora New Dawn Below you can find the 3 part interview with Zoe on Express FM. Zoe discuss such issues as stalking, the differences between domestic abuse and domestic violence, coercive control, and sexual violence. Aurora New Dawn is a non-judgmental charity organisation which offers victim and survivors of domestic abuse, sexual violence […]

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The Bubble of Male Privilege

Life in a bubble You know how your phone, laptop, tablet are all connected these days? Furthermore, they all monitor your activity and try to figure out who you are based on your searches and then tailor the adverts, news, and recommendations they beam to you to reflect this. Well, the challenge for my phone […]

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