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Do you want to improve your responses to domestic abuse, sexual violence and stalking?

Aurora offers a variety of training programmes suitable for professionals of all levels.

Using our experience of delivering successful front-line advocacy and support services over many years, our training places the experiences of victims and survivors at its centre. Focusing on the key principles of safe practice, and the importance of multi-agency working, learners will leave the sessions confident to provide initial support to victims and survivors, and able to refer and signpost to ensure that they are supported and protected in the longer term.

Sessions can be delivered virtually or face to face. Bespoke packages are also available.

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Our Training Packages:

Full aims and objectives for each session available on request.

Stalking Awareness

Examine the nature of stalking behaviour, the difference between stalking and harassment, and different stalker typologies. Increase overall knowledge and confidence in responding to stalking cases.

Coercive & Controlling Behaviour

Explore the dynamics of coercive control in intimate relationships, and learn how to identify the signs of coercion, both in terms of perpetrator and victim behaviour.

Domestic Abuse Risk Assessment

Learn how to assess risk in domestic abuse cases using the DASH risk assessment tool. Explore what professional judgement means, and how to undertake the best possible assessment of risk by looking at risk factors, clusters of risk, and wider context.

Working with the Impact of Sexual Violence

Increase understanding of the dynamics of sexual violence and issues relating to consent, coercion and capacity. Explore potential barriers to disclosure, the wider societal context in which sexual violence occurs, the experiences of victims and the ongoing impact of trauma.

Priority and High Harm Perpetrators of Domestic Abuse – An introduction

Examine the nature of High Harm domestic abuse offending with reference to learning from case studies and Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs). Increase professional understanding of the identification process for high harm perpetrators, and the actions that can be taken to better protect current and future victims.

Non-Fatal Strangulation

Explore non-fatal strangulation as a high risk behaviour and a common feature of cases involving domestic abuse and coercive control. Learn how to recognise risk and safety concerns and respond effectively to victims.

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Who delivers the training?

Each training session is delivered by a staff member from the Aurora team who has significant experience in domestic abuse, sexual violence and stalking, and front-line practice experience in the subject area being taught.

Full trainer biographies are available on request and an outline of the trainer’s practice background will be provided at the start of each session.

How much does the training cost?

Our Group training rates offer excellent value for money and a great option for team professional development, whether delivered online or face to face.

Get in touch with us today for a quote.

Training feedback

Attendees at our training routinely report improved knowledge and confidence in relation to the subject matter. Here’s what some of our recent learners had to say:

“Really enjoyed today’s training looking forward to doing more.”

“Very educational and extremely helpful. Trainer very experienced. Delivery brilliant. Thank you.”

“Another thought provoking presentation. Excellent delivery.”

“Very useful information – learnt a lot – thank you again for great training.”

“The delivery of the training is exceptional. Thank you.”

“Brilliant training. Expert trainers.”

“The course has been very interesting throughout. I now am confident to be able to take this information to my team to support their clients.”

“Thank you for a fantastic session today. It has given me a better situational awareness and will assist me in my role as Unit Welfare Officer. I am dealing with a new case along these lines so it has given me the tools to assist the victim of this case.”

“Very knowledgeable and professional facilitators. I would definitely refer clients to their service.”

“An excellent training package delivered by fantastic instructors.”

“Great use of examples to bring the training to life.”

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