We work with survivors throughout their journey, providing tailored support when its needed the most.

Rape and sexual assault are acts of violence and violation inflicted on individuals without their consent.

While social attitudes and awareness of some other forms of hidden violence, such as domestic abuse, have shifted over time, victims and survivors or rape and sexual assault frequently face a ‘double trauma’ – facing social attitudes and judgements that do not reflect the reality of rape and sexual assault.

Our Independent Sexual Violence Advocate (ISVA) is fully committed to supporting all adult survivors of sexual violence – men and women – over 18 years old.

Aurora New Dawn recognises the many challenges facing victims and survivors or rape and sexual violence seeking justice in the criminal courts. We work with survivors all the way through the criminal justice system, providing individually tailored support when and where its most needed. And because not every survivor journeys through the criminal justice system, we work closely with our clients to make sure they have informed choices every step of the way.