An award from Hampshire police

Aurora receives an award from Hampshire
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In October, we were very proud to receive an award from Hampshire Constabulary for our work supporting the force’s Workplace Domestic Abuse service.

The service was launched earlier this year after police officers and staff highlighted barriers to reporting domestic abuse, and feedback showed that some had felt unsupported in reporting domestic abuse or violence in the past.

We were approached to form part of a specialist panel that includes Stop Domestic Abuse and the YOU Trust, and together we meet to discuss any issues raised and provide expert advice and guidance on how victims and perpetrators can be effectively supported to reduce risk and cope with damaging behaviours.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Dr Shonagh Dillon, received the Chief Constable’s certificate of gratitude, which states that “Your role in shaping the new service has already made a positive difference and will continue to do so for years to come”.


Shonagh said:

“We were honoured to be asked to be part of the workforce domestic abuse panel and we’ve been using our expertise to support the constabulary in how they investigate reports of violence and abuse and empower victims.

“The cultural issues around how police forces across the country handle domestic and sexual abuse have been close to the headlines in recent years. Our police colleagues in Hampshire have been open in their desire to effect change and though it’s a long road, we have already seen a positive shift in attitudes and the action taken to support staff reporting incidents.”

Hampshire Constabulary Domestic Abuse lead, Detective Chief Superintendent Fiona Bitters, said:

“We would like to congratulate Aurora New Dawn for this well-deserved Chief Constables commendation. They played a key role in supporting, and providing expert guidance, on the delivery of our domestic abuse service – and for that we are grateful.

“Hampshire Constabulary, working alongside Aurora New Dawn and other locally commissioned services, are fully committed to identifying children and adults who are living with violence and abuse, and increasing their trust and confidence to report domestic related incidents. That includes those that work for the constabulary.”

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