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How multi-service stalking helped Danna
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For National Stalking Awareness Week 2024, the National Stalking Consortium theme, led by our partners at The Suzy Lamplugh Trust is, “Join Forces Against Stalking”.

Effective multi-agency working is crucial for ensuring victims of stalking are supported from their point of disclosure right through until a conviction and beyond. This year, we are calling for agencies across the police, CPS and healthcare to join forces, and work together to effectively support victims of stalking. We will be showcasing examples of best practice and highlighting the important role multi-agency working has played for the victims we support.

We will share a series of blogs to evidence the importance of effective partnership working for victims of Stalking:

Stalking behaviours and referral to Aurora:

Danna* had been experiencing unwanted behaviour from a friend, he has been running to and from his car to her house and ringing her doorbell. He was loitering outside her house and looking through windows. Danna told us that she had been on a handful of dates with the suspect, and he had become infatuated with her. He was continually stalking her via social media and the stalker would regularly purchase coffee and have it delivered to Danna’s place of work.


Support provided:

We worked with Danna to construct a safety plan, including looking at online and offline access points for the stalker. We discussed all the security measures she could put in and around her house, and recommended the Hollie Guard app, and ID identifying sprays to use whilst she was out shopping. We checked her passwords online with her and security settings on all online platforms.

Multi Agency Working:

We liaised with the police to ensure a marker was placed on her home, her Mum’s home, and her workplace. We also advised the importance of keeping a timeline of incidents as evidence and assured her we would attend the police station with her to offer support when she gave evidence. Danna’s mental health was severely impacted from the stalker’s behaviour, so we linked her in with her GP. In addition, Danna was suffering from acute anxiety and fearful of what the stalker was capable of, so we made sure to give her regular emotional support calls, and continued to ensure she knew of her options on mental health support services.

We experienced some inconsistent communication from the initial police officer in charge of the case, so we raised our concerns to the Police Stalking Lead in Thames Valley, who placed a new officer on the case, instantly the new officer was open to suggestions and kept us and the victim up to date with the progress of the case, this relationship ensured an effective multi agency practice.

The stalker continued to target Danna, both online and offline, every day Danna was having to open her social media accounts and the stalker had posted stuff online, he was also running past her house all the time, it was an incredibly traumatising time for her.

Victim Voice and next steps:

Due to the fact that Danna had kept a log of all incidents and bravely engaged with the police, with us, and with the Crown Prosecution service, she was able to secure a conviction of stalking under s.4a. We further worked with Danna and the police officer to ensure she felt safe and supported in giving her victim personal statement, we also advocated for her with the police on obtaining a stalking protection order, which she secured successfully.

Just because the criminal justice side of things is over it doesn’t mean the need for support is concluded, we make sure that victims leave our service once they are aware of the other support they can access, particularly in relation to the trauma they will be feeling. Danna told us:

I’m just mind blown with everything, I am feeling more positive and I just wanted to thank you for continuous support. It’s certainly been challenging…

*not her real name


If you are being subjected to stalking and you live in Thames Valley, call us on 02392 479254.

You can also contact the National Stalking Helpline on 0808 802 0330.

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