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Aurora New Dawn has launched a new support service providing help and advice for people experiencing domestic abuse, sexual violence or stalking in the Royal Navy, which can be used by Royal Navy personnel or their families and is available wherever in the world the person may be posted.

Dr Shonagh Dillon, CEO at Aurora New Dawn, said: “We are very pleased to be working in partnership with the Royal Navy to launch this service specifically for Navy personnel. We recognise that people in the forces community are often worried about the consequences of speaking out about these issues. Service life is different, and for those in the forces community experiencing domestic abuse, sexual violence or stalking, the risks, barriers, and the support options can also look and feel different as a result. That is why our bespoke service is so important to victims within forces communities.”

“Our Navy advocate is part of the forces community themselves, so they have the specialist knowledge and experience needed to help someone understand their options and make the right decision for them.”

Rear Admiral Jude Terry, the Royal Navy’s Domestic Abuse Awareness Champion said “I’m pleased to be able to resume the partnership with Aurora New Dawn for the reinvigorated Independent Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (DASV) support service for our personnel and their families. This partnership is part of a range of support mechanisms being implemented to ensure that, with the Armed Forces Advocate, we provide support and advice to our people experiencing these complex and difficult issues”.

As part of the partnership, Aurora New Dawn will be providing ongoing training and education to key contacts working within the Royal Navy, such as welfare staff and those in leadership roles.

Shonagh continued: “The training we provide is an important part of the service. We focus on improving the knowledge and awareness of key staff groups so they can be more confident in responding to disclosures of violence and abuse in the right way.”

The service is confidential and is available to any serving member or partner of Royal Navy personnel who is experiencing domestic abuse, sexual violence or stalking.

To access the service, people should contact Aurora New Dawn on 02392 479254.

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