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Happy International Women’s Day to all women. For me, today is a day of celebration and recognition to the women that came before us, that paved the way for women like me, to have so many opportunities. IWD always feels incredibly empowering, I love to see and hear stories of women who have changed the world in some way. To me, it’s about giving thanks to every woman who has shaped your own life too: mothers, sisters, friends, teachers. Women do so much for the world which often goes unrecognised and unappreciated. So, this IWD, I’ll be making sure I celebrate all the women in my life and giving them a great big thank you.

But, IWD isn’t just about celebrating, it’s about recognising that there is still so much to be done for women’s rights. IWD isn’t a day when we should look at the progress that’s been made and say, “job done”. The fight continues. While ever there are women who live in fear; who don’t have access to education; who can’t access healthcare; who don’t have body autonomy; who live in poverty; who are not safe in their own homes; who aren’t respected; not paid fairly and women who can’t even go for a run. Whilst ever there are women in the world who don’t have a voice, there’s still more progress to be made.

So, this IWD celebrate women in all their glory, thank your mums, sister, aunts, friends, colleagues, teachers for all they have done and continue to do. But also, make a pledge to help in the fight for progress for all women. Sign petitions, share social media posts, join in with activism, write to your MP or donate to charities. We can all help pave the way for the women of the future, just like the women who paved the way for us.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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