Stalking is a crime. Our service makes sure you don’t have to deal with it alone.

Stalking is unwanted attention and harassment that can take many forms and take place over a long period of time.

Often individual incidents may not seem serious such as harassment on social media, or unwelcome and frequent text messages or phone calls, however stalking can also include aggression, threats or damage to property. Stalking is one of the most common types of abuse and is more likely to be perpetrated by ex-partners or friends of victims.

Following changes to the law in 2012, stalking is now recognised as a criminal offence.

Aurora New Dawn believes stalking is a serious offence that requires urgent intervention. Victims often require extensive and long term support.


Our Stalking Advocates are always on hand to offer support whenever we're needed and to ensure that victims are protected, safe and aware of their rights under the law. Our court support service ensures that victims and survivors of stalking are supported at every stage of their journey. We are linked to the Hampshire and IOW stalking consultancy clinic which is a multi agency response for victims of stalking. Aurora New Dawn is a member of the National Stalking Consortium We work with our national partners to ensure a joined up approach for victims of stalking and share best practice with local and national organisations. For support contact us on  

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