Aurora New Dawn

is a registered charity giving safety, support, advocacy and empowerment to survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Call our helpline on 023 9247 9254 or search our site:

Sexual violence

Our Advocates (ISVAs) work with male and female survivors aged over 16 years to provide tailored support when it's most needed, including through the criminal justice system.


Stalking is a crime. Our dedicated Stalking Advocacy service is delivered in partnership with national service Paladin to ensure that victims are supported, protected and safe.

Domestic violence & abuse

Our Advocates (IDVAs) provide support to male and female victims of abuse to reduce risk and increase the safety of survivors and children. Our IRIS service improves prevention and intervention within health services.

From the team blog

An Open Letter – 40 days for Life

Dear 40 Days for Life, I write to you to appeal to your better judgment, to your Christian values and to your human kindness. I understand you are targeting St Mary’s Community Health Campus over the next 40 days as the location of a series of daily ‘vigils’ where you are praying to ‘transform individuals […]

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