Mike Tyson = Not Welcome

Our campaign resulted in the cancellation of Mike Tyson’s planned VIP appearance at Portsmouth Guildhall. Mike Tyson’s notoriety is underpinned by his often-expressed contempt for women. To honour him as a VIP dishonours victims and survivors of violence everywhere.

Following his conviction in 1992 for raping an 18 year old woman, Mike Tyson’s attitudes and behaviour towards women have been called into question many times.

Robin Givens, Tyson’s former wife, told Barbara Walters in interview that, “He shakes, he pushes, he swings. . . . I’ve become afraid. Very, very afraid.”

In 2003, during an interview with Fox News, Tyson described the young woman he raped as “a lying, reptilian, monstrous, young lady”, adding “I just hate her guts. She put me in that state where, I don’t know, I really wish I did know. Now I really do want to rape her and her mama.”

In 2011, Tyson made a series of highly offensive remarks about Sarah Palin’s love life (this article features the audio clip – please note Trigger Warning).

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