Demand specialist providers for specialist services

Following the recent awarding of a contract to run Sexual Assault Referral Centres in the West Midlands to private sector giant G4S, Aurora New Dawn have launched a petition to highlight the danger to victims and survivors of privatising specialist support services for victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence.  

Chief Executive of Aurora New Dawn, Shonagh Dillon, released the following statement:

“It is essential that sexual assault referral centres and services for those experiencing violence and abuse are recognised for being specialist areas.

We believe that the contracting out of these services to the private sector limits the involvement of the expertise in the area meaning that the complexities of the needs of survivors of violence and abuse will go unmet.

We believe this is about money not support.

Not-for-profit organisations in the violence against women sector aim for results for the survivor before results for the government’s pocket.

Please sign in support of all survivors and the specialist services that work for them.”

Find out more about the impact of awarding large corporations with contracts to run specialised women's services here: New Statesman, Alan White : 'Rape cannot be monetised': Outsourcing and housing for asylum-seekers Kazuri Homes: 'G4S - Fit for Purpose or a Public Liability?' Guardian, Alan Travis: G4S contract to run sexual assault referral centres damned