A woman doing the IRIS programme

The IRIS Programme

What is IRIS?

The IRIS programme – Identification and Referral to Improve Safety – provides training, support and a referral programme to primary healthcare staff to ensure that victims and survivors can find their way out of violence and abuse.

IRIS and the NHS

The NHS spends more time dealing with the impact of violence against women and children than almost any other agency or service. Doctors and healthcare staff are often the first port of call for women experiencing violence.

Despite this, most healthcare professionals receive no training specifically about domestic violence and abuse. As a result, GPs and healthcare workers often fail to identify patients in their care who are experiencing abuse or do not know what action to take if a patient reveals they are experiencing domestic violence.

IRIS and Aurora in Southampton

“We deliver the IRIS programme (Identification and Referral to Improve Safety), in Southampton. It is a general practice-based domestic violence and abuse (DVA) training, support and referral programme. IRIS ensures that primary care practitioners can respond effectively to domestic violence and abuse and that specialist support is available for patients. The programme provides two specialist members of staff, the Advocate Educator (a DVA worker) and the Clinical Lead (a GP/healthcare practitioner) who work together to train practices about DVA. The AE is based here at Aurora and provides specialist support and advocacy services for patients experiencing abuse.”

As well as delivering the IRIS project, we also provide Outreach support to victims and survivors in the City of Southampton.

Aurora New Dawn

To find out more about IRIS Southampton, please email us at iris.southampton@aurorand.org.uk

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