Women and girls against Tommy Robinson

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Our CEO is a proud signatory on this open letter coordinated by End Violence Against Women Coalition 

(Women are still able to add their names to the list of signatories, if you wish to do so please to get in touch with EVAW – admin@evaw.org.uk)

The letter reads:

Dear Media Editors, Community Leaders, MPs, Activists, Friends,

‘Tommy Robinson’, a man convicted of assault, rioting and fraud, a thug with a long history of making racist statements, has made a career out of causing trouble and division. He is now standing as an MEP candidate in the North West.

Tommy Robinson has made claims that, if elected, he will offer his salary to the child victims of what he terms ‘Muslim rape gangs’. We, as organisations and individuals fighting tirelessly against the abuse of women and girls, as survivors of abuse and their families, and as people who care about our communities, do not want your money, Tommy.

We are calling on the people of the North West to reject Tommy Robinson’s hatred, to register to vote, and to turn out against him in the upcoming European Elections. He has no place as our elected representative.

Those who have suffered sexual and physical abuse were failed by those who should have protected them. But Tommy Robinson is no ally for the children he claims to stand up for. Tommy doesn’t care about the rights of women and girls – he is exploiting the pain of survivors and their families to fuel racist hate for his own gain. He is a misogynist and has recklessly put victims at risk for his own moment of media spotlight.

Tommy Robinson’s factually incorrect messages about ‘grooming’, and his attempt to portray himself as a champion of the cause, are an insult to survivors of abuse.

They are also a profound insult to the women who have spent their whole lives building support services for survivors and working to ensure some cases finally got to court. Where were you during that work Tommy Robinson? The far right were never any part of this work.

We do not want a convicted thug and racist who does not truly care about abuse survivors on our ballot papers and we reject you Tommy Robinson.


In solidarity,


Sarah Green & Rachel Krys, Co-Directors, End Violence Against Women Coalition


Gurpreet Virdee, Co-Director, Women and Girls Network


Stella Dadzie, British Educationalist, activist, written and historian


Shonagh Dillon, Founder and CEO, Aurora New Dawn


Pragna Patel, Director, Southall Black Sisters


Mary-Ann Stephenson, Director, The Women’s Budget Group


Maggie Parks OBE, Chief Executive, The Women’s Centre Cornwall


Diana Nammi, Executive Director, Iranian & Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation


Amna Abdul- Children and Young People’s Lead, National Women’s Aid


Women’s March London


Akeela Ahmed MBE, founder, She Speaks We Hear


Aisha Ali-Khan, founder, Women United


Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, Lawyer and founder, Women in Leadership publication


Rachel Krengel, Intersectional Feminist Activist


Carys Afoko, founder, Level Up


Harriet Wistrich, Director, Centre for Women’s Justice


Marai Larasi MBE, Executive Director, Imkaan


Baljit Banga, Director, London Black Women’s Project


Christine McNaught, CEO, FWT Centre for women


Naana Otoo-Oyortey, Executive Director, FORWARD


Yvonne Traynor, CEO, Rape Crisis South London / Surrey & Sussex


Dr Miranda Horvath, Middlesex University.


Natasha Walter, Feminist Activist and Author – Living Dolls


Gemma Snowball, DHR & Team Development Manager, Standing Together Against Domestic Violence


Rebecca Vagi, Housing Manager, Standing Together Against Domestic Violence


Miranda Pio, Programme Manager and Policy Lead, Standing Together Against Domestic Violence


Professor Aisha K. Gill, Professor of Criminology & Co-Chair of EVAW


Aisha Graham-Sharif-, Intersectional Feminist Activist


Philomina Azu, Intersectional feminist activist
Forida Khatoun, Equalities Campaigner


Shazia Shamim, Equalities Campaigner


Monsura Mahmoud, Equalities Campaigner


Shaista Aziz, Cllr Rose Hill and Iffley, Oxford


Professor Marianne Hester, University of Bristol


Professor Liz Kelly CBE, London Metropolitan University


Yasmin Rehman, Human Rights Activist


Dr Fiona Vera-Grey, School of Law, Durham University




Sara Kirkpatrick, RESPECT


Rasheda Ashanti Malcolm, Author and Domestic Abuse Specialist


Rachel Adamson, Director, Zero Tolerance


RMT Women’s Advisory Group


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